Closing of the maternity period

Honor your transition

In most cultures the maternity period ends after 40 days or 6 weeks when women make the transition more into the outer world. By that time they usually feel physically recuperated to participate more in social life, go to work and pick up their daily routine. Sometimes this happens quietly and unnoticed. But how nice and nourishing would it be if we can really mark a closure for the pregnancy, delivery and maternity period with a ceremony or ritual? By celebrating with ceremony you can explicitly mark the transition from the smaller inner world caring for your baby and yourself only, to the large outside world in which this care (which forms the basis of your motherhood) is integrated with your social life. You get a chance to reflect on your pregnancy, delivery and maternity period, you’ll be honored and celebrated to step into the next phase feeling nurtured, acknowledged and confident!

* These ceremonies are also very suitable for women who have experienced miscarriage, abortion or a still birth. There is no time limit for being honored. Some women feel it’s time for celebration years after her children are born. We will create a ceremony that matches your situation.

Robozo Sluitingsritueel Mirjam

Welcome Mama Ceremony

The Welcome Mama Ceremony is a special 3-hour treatment at your home when you have recently given birth and want to celebrate your new role as a mother. The session will certainly help you in a quiet transition to motherhood, also if you have received a next child in your midst. There is room to share your birth story, a grand event that you have recently passed through. During the treatment you will be cherished and admired, nurtured and cared for, warmed and blessed! For mothers who gave birth 4 weeks or 20 years ago and wish a warm welcome to motherhood!

During your special time you will be treated to:

• golden turmeric drink (great and spicy restorative tea)
• cleansing foot bath (and space to share your birth experience)
• healing aromatic body massage
• rebozo wrapping & wish for motherhood
• chia dream pudding to pamper your taste buds


Mama ceremonie

Rebozo Closing Ceremony

In many cultures over the world a mother is celebrated into motherhood with a traditional Closing Ceremony around fourty days after she has given birth. The Closing Ceremony is a beautiful ritual to reflect on the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual transition that took place during pregnancy, birth and the maternity weeks. It gives a mother the opportunity to heal on a very deep level and close her body and mind. Even if you had a mainly positive experience, the ceremony supports you in thanking your body for carrying, growing and birthing your baby, making peace with the pregnancy, birth and postnatal time and close this chapter. As a result of honoring yourself your feel energized and the feeling of hypersensitivity decreases.

The ceremony consists of a 4-hands massage, a cleansing herbal bath, warming you up under blankets to process and detox, followed by the actual closing using tradiotional rebozo scarfs (Mexican cloths) in 7 steps. After this, you may rest and we welcome you in a new phase of motherhood with a visualization or music. Your ceremony will end with something tasty to eat and drink.

The 3-4 hour ritual is accompanied by Corinne Laan and myself. Corinne and I have been working together for over 5 years and have a pleasant flow and synergy, which means that we provide a warm and truly nourishing ambiance. We work from a deep connection with each other, you and the feminin.

Rebozo sluitingsritueel met Mirjam Heemskerk

Intentions for the ceremony:
processing your birth experience
moment of nurturing care and attention just for you
deep relaxation
contact with your inner female source
• honoring the woman who became a mother
supporting the transition from your inner world to the outside

The Closing Ceremony is offered from about 6 weeks after giving birth, but can also take place at any other time afterwards. During the whole ritual a warming, purifying herbal tea will be served and you’ll have the opportunity to share about your birth(s). We always make sure you have time to feed your baby when (s)he is hungry.

The ceremony takes place at your home or another pleasant location of your choice. We highly recommend you have access to a bath tub, but we can adapt if a bath is not available.


~Marijke, Rebozo Sluitingsritueel

“Een late sluitingsceremonie’ 2 jaar werd mijn jongste zoonlief alweer en ik voelde dat het tijd was. Tijd om een periode van heel hard werken, vechten en heel veel tranen los te laten. Tijd om de oude verhalen los te laten en meer ruimte over te laten voor de liefde. Tijd om te vullen met knuffels, lachen en groei.  Groei van zoonlief en persoonlijke groei, loskomen van het enkel mama-zijn. Via via maakte ik ‘toevallig’ kennis met het werk van Mirjam en Corinne. ‘Toevallig’, want zo gaat dat vaak met mooie dingen. Die komen op precies het juiste moment op je pad. Een tijdje heb ik het uitgesteld, want ja ‘dat kan ik toch niet zomaar doen, tijd en geld voor mezelf vrij maken?’  Diep van binnen wist ik het wel, dit doe ik voor mezelf maar zeker ook voor mijn kindjes. You can’t poor from an empty cup, right? En het was tijd dat kopje te vullen, omdat wij het waard zijn, omdat ik het waard ben. Die tijd en geld waren het dubbel en dwars waard. De liefdevolle aandacht, de heerlijke massage, het luisterende oor, het gevoel wat het geeft bij het sluiten van de botten en de oog voor details waren zo ongelooflijk fijn. De liefde, kennis en wijsheid stroomden uit iedere handeling en gaven een onbeschrijfelijk gevoel. Inmiddels is het al weer ruim anderhalf jaar verder en kijk ik nog steeds met een warm gevoel terug naar de ceremonie. Het is voor mij echt een keerpunt geworden. De intentie om de liefde meer te laten stromen werd gezet, bekrachtigd door de prachtige ceremonie gegeven door 2 fantastische vrouwen, en vanaf daar kon de levensmagie haar werk verder doen…”

~Marijke, Rebozo Sluitingsritueel