Seal of the Soul

During your pregnancy

It is one of the most magical adventures that you can experience as a woman; a child grows in your womb! You feel deep inside that you want to grant attention and time to the transformation you are going through. I offer you unique and personal guidance that supports you both physically and mentally.

• you will celebrate and honor your pregnancy
• you come closer to your core as a woman and mother
• you develop your intuition
• you are supported by guided meditations or visualizations
• you will investigate what kind of mother you want to be
• you learn how to handle your pregnancy with inner peace and attention
• you will receive relaxing body massages
• you learn how to massage your own belly

Seal of the Soul

Pregnancy massage in Amsterdam

A pregnancy is a unique period in the life of a woman. While a child grows in your womb, the contact between you and this new life also grows. Massage in your pregnancy can enrich this contact with your baby and yourself. Your breathing becomes deeper, you will feel relaxed and you are even more aware of the baby you carry with you. By treating yourself to a massage you take care of yourself, which affects your baby and your family.Regular massage during your pregnancy has a positive effect on your (night) rest and your body awareness. The treatment helps you to trust the strength and signals of your body.

Your body produces less stress hormones and massage can reduce complications during childbirth. Massage also helps with back problems, reduced blood and lymph circulation or headaches. I adapt my techniques to your wishes and possibilities. The treatment is focused on awareness, relaxation and energy distribution. You receive the treatment lying on your side and back, supported by cushions.

per session of 2 1/4 hours   €150 ,   per 3 sessions   €420 

Seal of the Soul

Birth treatment (overdue/broken membranes and no contractions) in Amsterdam

 If your membranes are broken and the contractions do not start, the birth-treatment can be just the needed therapy to start the delivery. You can receive the treatment in my practice, at home or in the hospital. You can also apply for this treatment after 41 weeks of pregnancy or when induction of the birth is due.A birth treatment is a safe, effective and peaceful session, which aims to give you and your baby the opportunity to pick up the signal to allow the contractions in. For this I use cupping, acupressure, moxa, foot and polarity massage, massage of your abdomen and lower back, homeopathy, herbs and aromatherapy. I treat you exclusively if there is medical reason for the delivery to start soon. Not if it is practical or personally better to have your child born.


per session of 2 hours   €135     
per session on location   €165*
*parking a/o travel fee are NOT included

Zwangerschapsmassage bij Mirjam Heemskerk

Seal of the Soul