Seal of the Soul

Abdominal and Pelvic Massage Therapy

Your abdomen is the center of your being

Your abdominal area forms the basis for your health. Your intestines are called your second brain and your womb is the source of creation and intuition. All your emotions are formed here, but also stored, which can be translated in discomfort, pain, blockage or stagnation. With a supple belly full of flowing energy you immediately feel a lot more grounded and more aware of your possibilities. A soft supple belly will not only make your physical well-being more pleasant; it also ensures that you are emotionally much more balanced.

Through Abdominal and Pelvis Massage Therapy, traditional techniques are used to restore an imbalance in the reproductive and digestive organs. This imbalance can be physical, emotional or spiritual. Mirjam uses techniques that find their roots in South American, Asian, North African and Russian culture to promote optimal health for women. Her intuitive way of working is empathetic and caring. Addominal and Pelvic Massage benefits your physical health as it supports circulation and lymph drainage by relieving stagnation and blockages. The therapy consists of both gentle and deep massage of the abdominal and pelvic area, cupping, connective tissue massage, castor oil belly wraps and can be completed with herbs and tinctures. The treatments contribute to balance in the abdominal, uterine and pelvic area and are suitable for women of all ages. The uterus and other internal organs are invited to find their optimal place in the abdominal cavity, which will reduce or eliminate discomfort.

raditionele buik en bekkentherapie

Massage of the abdomen and pelvis area helps if you suffer from:

Seal of the Soul

 Painful menstruation
Dark, thick blood at the beginning or end of menses
Clots in menstrual blood
Irregular cycle and ovulation
PMS and depression
Painful ovulation
Absence of ovulation
Myomas or polyps
Fertility problems
• Side effects of fertility procedures
• Cysts on the ovaries
• Stagnation and pain in pelvic area
• Headache and migraines
• Low energy
• Lower back pain
• Problems of the urinary tract

Seal of the Soul

​Miscarriage or premature birth
• Pregnancy symptoms
• Breech or transverse position of your baby
• Scar after Caesarean section
• After abdominal surgery
• Pain during sex
• Bladder and fungal infections
• Crohn’s disease
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Chronic constipation
• Digestion and stool problems
Peri -menopause and menopause symptoms
• Removal of the uterus
• Scar tissue in the abdominal cavity
•  Adhesions in the abdominal cavity

Abdominal and Pelvic Massage

During the 2-hour treatment we first discuss the current issues and what you want to work on. You are then welcome to rest on the massage table. Your abdominal area is treated through different techniques. You may become aware of tension or sensitivity. This is not always very pleasant, so you always remain the one who indicates how deep a touch may be.

I will invite you to use your breath or give sound to what you encounter, to be able to support yourself in your process. The starting point is that you feel safe to let go of what is needed. Mutual trust is very important in this.


per session of 2 hours   €135       per 3 sessions   €375

Seal of the Soul

What results can you expect:

• natural balance of the body is recovered
• ligaments and muscles can relax
• blood flow to the internal organs is optimized
• digestion is easier
• breathing is deeper
• reproductive organs are provided with fresh energy
• in pregnancy, the muscle tone of the uterus improves
• stress complaints will decrease throughout the body
• softened internal and external scar tissue
 in the abdominal cavity can dissolve
• reduction of (low) back pain
• menstruation cycle is balanced
• menstrual issues are diminishing

From which traditional background does Mirjam provide abdominal & pelvic therapy?

• 2013 Healing of the Internal Organs by Ahamkara from Siberia
• 2015 Arvigo Self Care workshop by Louise Crockart and Gloria de Gast
• 2017 Mizan Practitioner Basic Training by Bushra Finch
• 2018 Rhombus Makosh Siberian Women’s Health Training by Alyona Kov
• 2018 Female Pelvic Floor Training by Isa Herrera
• 2018 Advanced Mizan Therapist Training by Bushra Finch

Additional information from Cranio-Sacral Therapist Marie-Andrée Brands
“Our organs lie in membranes, which are loose but also hold the organs in place. Embedded in the membranes there are all kinds of connecting roads, such as neural pathways, blood vessels, lymph vessels etc. These membranes are very important. They work best when they are smooth. The abdominal and pelvic massage helps the membranes to continue to do their job. The body cramps inwardly when suddenly something painful happens, both physically and emotionally. We want to protect our body automatically. Because of the deep abdominal massage, there is unconscious contact with our survival mechanism. Releasing stress, old or new, in safety, makes us feel alive again. Hormones that are produced when the situation is safe again, such as oxytocines and serotonins, are re-created. “

~Amy, Abdominal & Pelvis Massage Therapy during and after pregnancy

“Mirjam is passionate and genuine about the work she offers, and I feel like I received so much more than I could have imagined during my Abdominal Massage Sessions. She listens deeply, and delivers with her whole heart, which made me feel completely taken care of and able to fully let go. This was exactly what I needed since I gave birth.”

~Amy, Abdominal & Pelvis Massage Therapy during and after pregnancy
Seal of the Soul