Seal of the Soul

Gentle Beginnings

Due to the current lockdown situation and a fully booked schedule I will work with a waiting list after the lockdown.

You can subscribe to the list by sending me an email.

Placenta preparation is possible at all times.

“Being a woman is amazing! Our bodies are amazing! We women have the ability to create from deep within. This creativity comes from our inner source; our womb. Creating is shown in many forms; like creating art, poetry, literature, as well as designing, planning, founding a business, leading a team, running a family. The most physical form of creation is growing a baby in our womb, birthing this precious child and ourselves as a mother. I think it’s important for women to find support with other women so we lift each other up. I think every women deserves to be nourished with GENTLE LOVING CARE throughout her whole life with special attention in her years of mothering! For a woman being taken good care of, means a whole family (maybe even whole (wo)mankind) being taken care of”

~Mirjam Heemskerk

“If you are reading this, trying to decide whether to book New Mama treatments from Mirjam, stop reading and just do it! I received Mirjam’s 5-treatment New Mama package as a gift from my partner and couldn’t recommend it more highly to help make a nice transition in the post-partum weeks. Mirjam’s treatments are very high quality, and she packages them in a way to make sense based on the post-partum journey. Mirjam herself is great at sensing what can help, and listening, and puts great care into the sessions and products she uses (delicious tea and oil). Thank you very much!”

~Jessica, Nourishing New Mama Plan

“I had my first Abdominal Massage Therapy session with Mirjam last week and it was amazing!
I felt my abdomen and pelvis very relaxed after the treatment and my period this month is painless. She is a very knowledgeable wise woman and her hands are magic, I highly recommend her therapies.
Thank you so much! Not only for your hands but also for holding the space for me to release some emotions. You are an amazing woman.”

~Esther, Abdominal Massage Therapy

“Receiving Mirjam’s treatments was the best decision I made for my pre- and postnatal period. Mirjam has a big heart and besides the deep relaxation and amazing nourishment you receive, she also gives strong emotional support, a true life saver for such a delicate and fragile period! I definetly recommend this to every new mom, it is a treat of love we all deserve and need during pregnancy and after birth! Thank you for your kind words and everything that you give dear, you really helped me to heal, the normal things and what went different than expected!”

~Daniela, pregnancy massages and Nourishing New Mama Plan

“I’m so thankful we asked Mirjam to share her lovely art in my postpartum. I honestly don’t know how I would have survived recovering from my home birth turned cesarean without her healing touch. She also took amazing care of the placenta by preparing capsules and a tincture. I still cherish the bits and feel her positive energy and joy in every drop. Thank you! It is so worth it to arrange GOOD postpartum care. And Mirjam is amazing.”

~Katie, Placenta Encapsulation and Nourishing New Mama Plan


With GENTLE BEGINNINGS I offer treatments and guidance throughout your entire life! In your younger years, during your wish to become a mother, your pregnancy and maternity, your motherhood, menopause and wise years, you can expect support based on traditional practices. I help you strengthen your physical and emotional wellbeing by means of therapy for the abdominal and pelvic area, fertility and pregnancy massage, massage in the maternity period, warm castor oil packings, bengkung abdominal binding, placenta preparation, vaginal steam sessions, welcoming ceremonies and rituals, preparation of herbal remedies and many more benefits for body and soul.

Seal of the Soul


When you are pregnant, you go through many physical and mental changes. You are invited to make conscious choices that give your baby the best possible start in your belly and prepare you for your (next) motherhood.

By making conscious and profound choices you can ensure that your child is provided with the foundation for creating a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy attitude to life. And all this starts with yourself! By taking good care of yourself and making space for your process, you give your baby a great base!

With the guidance I offer you, you are encouraged to experience your pregnancy as a journey to the inner wisdom of your body and mind.

Seal of the Soul


The birth of your baby is a magical start to a new adventure as a mother. It is normal that you are thrown back and forth between ecstasy and exhaustion. Your task is to make rest your priority to recover, to fully connect with your baby and to feed your baby.

Keep as much bed rest as possible so that your body gets the chance to find its balance. If you take the time to gain new strength after all the energy you have spent on pregnancy and childbirth, you will prevent health problems later in life as a result of a disruption of your balance.

I have included traditional healing from all over the world in my treatments that support you in this.

Seal of the Soul

Women’s Health

As a woman we are born with a splendid vitality that resides in our abdominal organs. Our womb, the mother of all our organs, directs our creativity and our intuition. All organs are connected with emotions, which either empower the vitality or flatten it. We are in essence lively, confident, attractive, conscious, sensual and radiant.

However, it may be that you have lost the vital life energy on the way and now suffer from your abdominal, uterine and/or pelvic area because complaints play tricks on you that stand in the way of your joy of life.

With the help of various massage therapies I support you in finding your balance and energy so that you can reclaim the vital woman you have missed.

Seal of the Soul